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Maximum Acoustics

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Maximum Acoustics Clubarray.700

Clubarray.700 is the flagship 2-way active speaker system from Maximum Acoustics' new line of concert speakers.

Unmatched sound quality

The speaker system is equipped with a powerful D-class amplifier with an integrated DSP processor and a rated power of 700 watts. The subwoofer is made in a durable MDF-case and is equipped with a 15" speaker with a 2.5" coil and a 50OZ magnet. In the ABS-case of each of the 4 satellites, there are two 4" full-range speakers and 1" dome twitter.

Broad connectivity options

On the rear panel there is one combined (XLR-TRS) input with a Mic/Line switch and one line input (RCA L/R) + a separate stereo AUX input, as well as a line output (XLR) and Speaker OUT for connecting another passive speaker system. In addition, the Clubarray.700 is capable of reproducing sound from external devices using Bluetooth technology.

Absolute Sound Control

The mixer section allows you to fine-tune the sound balance thanks to separate volume controls for the microphone signal and line input. The master volume control can also control the built-in digital signal processor (DSP), with which you can customize the sound to your liking. In addition, if necessary, you can connect the system to your PC and use the special software to change the factory settings of the DSP.

Designed for the stage

Maximum Acoustics Clubarray.700 is a perfectly balanced concert speaker system that easily “pump” a small concert hall or disco area. Its compact design is ideal for small scenes in pubs, karaoke clubs and restaurants.

We trust the quality and reliability of our products so much that we are ready to bear responsibility for warranty obligations on the best terms. This and other products of our brand are guaranteed for 36 months!


  • Type: 2 way Active system
  • Woofer: 15", 2,5" VC 50OZ Y 30
  • Full range: 4 [2* 4" full range speaker + 1 inch dome tweeter]
  • RMS power: 700W
  • Cabinet: 15 mm MDF for sub. ABS for full range
  • Frequency: 35 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Amplifier: Class D with DSP
    SPL: 98 dB 
    Stand: There is 2 type for 2 postion. Only choose 1 type
  • Warranty: 36 month

User Manual


Warranty, month:36
Frequency Response of Sets:45 Hz - 19,8 kHz
Speakers Size, inch:10, 4
Nominal Power of Sets, W:350
Peak Power of Sets, W:700
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