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Maximum Acoustics

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Maximum Acoustics Mobi.150MHA

Maximum Acoustics Mobi.150MHA is a portable 2-way active speaker system, which is a modification of the Mobi.150A speaker system. The main difference between Mobi.150MHA and Mobi.150A is the presence in the set of 1 handheld radio microphone and 1 head-mounted radio microphone (instead of 2 handheld ones as in Mobi.150A).

Multimedia features

The built-in MP3 player is capable of playing music from SD cards and Flash drives, and allows you to connect external devices using Bluetooth technology. It has an intuitive button control on the rear panel, as well as a screen that displays basic information. In addition, the kit also comes with a remote control for remote playback.


The speaker system is equipped with a completely different D class amplifier with a rated power of 150 W. A new, more powerful main 15" speaker with dual coil 1,5" and 40OZ Magnet paired with a 1" Ti Compression Driver takes the sound system to a completely new level.

Advanced Connectivity

The back panel has been completely redesigned and has significantly expanded connectivity. Now there are a microphone input (XLR + TRS 6.3mm), a linear input (XLR + L \ R RCA), as well as a separate AUX stereo input.

Absolute control over sound

The mixer section has a 2-band EQ with a total volume control and separate volume controls for the line input, wired microphone and two radio microphones, as well as the "Echo" effect. In addition, the system is now equipped with a “Mic priority” function, which allows you to turn on the microphone signal priority over the music being played, if necessary.


The novelty has received a new ergonomic design with retractable handle and a pair of wheels for easy transportation. The lightweight ABS plastic cabinet makes the Mobi.150MHA solid and durable in heavy use. And with the new, much more powerful next-gen Lithium battery, the Mobi.150MHA can be operated stand-alone for up to 4.5 hours.

TWS (True Wireless Stereo) mode. For 2 speakers simultaneous connection

  1. Turn both speakers into Bluetooth mode. You will see Blue blinking on the screen
  2. At one of the speakers, press and hold the MODE button. You will hear a beep and see TWS blinking
  3. Turn on the Bluetooth devices search on the phone. You will see 2 identical devices with the name Bluetooth in the device list
  4. Connect to any of them. You will hear a connection sound and a female voice denoting the right and left channels
  5. Enjoy listening to music
We trust the quality and reliability of our products so much that we are ready to bear responsibility for warranty obligations on the best terms. This and other products of our brand are guaranteed for 36 months!


  • Desciptions: Active battery speaker systems
  • Woofer
    • 15", Steel Frame
    • DUAL 1,5" VC KSV
    • 40OZ Magnet Y30
    • Frequency: 46 Hz-20 kHz
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Tweeter: 1'' Ti Compression Driver
  • Amplifier
    • Class: D
    • Power: 150 W
  • Functions: Bluetooth / SD / USB / MP3 player / Mic priority / ECHO
  • Mini mixer: Mic IN, Line IN
  • Wireless microphone: 1 wireless microphones, 1 head-mounted microphone,  volume adjustment each microphone, indicator of mic power
  • Cabinet: ABS cabinet (New Design) with wheels, with retractable handle
  • Accessory: 1 wireless microphones, 1 head-mounted microphone, Power cable, remote control, UA manual
  • Gross weight: 16,2 kgs
  • Net weight: 14,55 kgs
  • Cabinet sizes: 43 х 39 х 67 cm
  • Box sizes: 48,5 x 40 x 74,5 cm
  • Warranty: 36 month

User Guide

Presentation MOBI.150MHA


Warranty, month:36
LF Speaker :15"
HF Speaker :1"
Nominal Power, W:150
Resistance, Ohm:8
Frequency Response:46 Hz - 20 kHz
Inputs:Jack 1/4", In XLR, RCA
Body Material :Plastic
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