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Maximum Acoustics

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MobiCUBE.60 is a portable two-channel speaker system with powerful multimedia functionality from Maximum Acoustics. The 30W rated power is more than enough to power any party, and the built-in LED lighting creates an incredible club atmosphere. The super-compact body made of lightweight ABS plastic in combination with a built-in 4.5 Amp / h battery allows you to take the MobiCUBE.60 with you on a trip or a picnic.

Video review of MobiCUBE.60 by Nadiia Bondarets

eakers into Bluetooth mode. You will see Blue blinking on the screen

  • At one of the speakers, press and hold the MODE button. You will hear a beep and see TWS blinking
  • Turn on the Bluetooth devices search on the phone. You will see 2 identical devices with the name Bluetooth in the device list
  • Connect to any of them. You will hear a connection sound and a female voice denoting the right and left channels
  • Enjoy listening to music
  • All functions of the multimedia player can be controlled either directly from the device or using the supplied remote control.

    We trust the quality and reliability of our products so much that we are ready to bear responsibility for warranty obligations on the best terms. This and other products of our brand are guaranteed for 36 months!


    • Speakers: woofer - 8" and tweeter - 3"
    • Main Channel Output Power (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD): 30 W
    • Peak system power: 60W
    • Main channel frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 1.5 dB
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.2%
    • S/N (main channel): >40 dB
    • Features: Bluetooth, TWS Mode, MP3 Player, FM Receiver
    • Regulators
      • Front panel: Mic Volume, Master Volume, MP3 player and FM receiver control keys
      • Rear Panel: Bass, Treble, Mic Echo, Guitar Volume, Lights: On / Off (backlight control mode), Power: Battery / DC 15V (battery or power supply mode)
    • Inputs
      • Front panel: Aux jack 1/8", USB, TF card slot
      • Rear Panel: Jack 1/4" (for microphone), Jack 1/4" (for guitar)
    • Dimensions: 305x260x362 mm
    • Battery: 4.5 Amp / h 12V
    • Time to full charge: 3-6 hours
    • Battery life: 4 h
    • Warranty: 36 month


    • Acoustic system Maximum Acoustics MobiCUBE.60
    • Radio Microphone
    • 1/8" jack - 1/8" jack cable
    • Power adapter
    • User's Manual

    User Manual

    Presentation Maximum Acoustics MobiCUBE.60


    Warranty, month:36
    LF Speaker :8"
    Peak Power, W:60
    Nominal Power, W:30
    Frequency Response:20 Hz - 20 kHz
    Knobs:Mic Volume, Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Mic Echo, Guitar Volume
    Inputs:Jack 1/4", Aux 1/8", USB
    Body Material :Plastic
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    The built-in multifunctional MP3-player and FM-receiver are responsible for multimedia capabilities. Besides traditional music playback from memory card and flash drive, it also supports wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. You can also easily connect a microphone and a guitar or synthesizer using the dedicated connectors, and the built-in recorder will save your performance to a flash drive or memory card.

    TWS (True Wireless Stereo) mode. For 2 speakers simultaneous connection

    1. Turn both sp